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The project general contracting refers to the project contracting enterprise that undertakes all the work in all stages of the project, including design, budget, equipment and material procurement, construction, commissioning and acceptance, and finally submits a project that meets the use functions and conditions to the customer, and assumes all the responsibilities for the quality, progress, cost and safety of the project.

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Lead-zinc ores

The lead-zinc ore production process includes: crushing, grinding, classification, and beneficiation. In the process crushing, three-stage closed-circuit crushing is a modern method suitable for high-hardness lead-zinc ore. It can complete the work of ore crushing and partial dissociation to improve the subsequent grinding efficiency. In the process of grinding, the two-stage and one-closed grinding can make the lead and zinc ore grinding more fully. Among the beneficiation processes, the most successful new process in recent years is the mixed flotation process.

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It is applied to build houses, roads, and bridges. Granite is a special ore with high content of quartz and little iron. Its crystal combination is very tight. Its texture is excellent. Granite is with dense structure, hard texture, and good acid and alkali resistance. It is a corrosion-resistant material. It can be used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, thermal power, cement, printing and dyeing, national defense facilities, and other fields.

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Fine process of processing technology

Each kind of material processing equipment has its special functions, and we should also make them play the greatest role in the material processing plant. It is also convenient for our customers to select and determine the appropriate equipment according to their special material processing field.

Stage 1: crushing and screening

Generally, the ore is broken to 6~0mm or 10~0mm, and then grouped. The coarse grade is eliminated, and the fine grade is sent to the shaking table for separation.

Stage 2: grinding

The 0-12 mm ore screened by the vibrating screen shall be uniformly sent to the pulverizer for grinding and screened by the spiral classifier. The unqualified ore shall be sent to the pulverizer for grinding;

Stage 3: classifying

The material after grinding is graded by the powder concentrator, and the unqualified powder is graded by the powder concentrator and then returned to the main machine for re-grinding.

Stage 4: beneficiation

The fine ore meeting the beneficiation requirements is sent to the magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation to remove impurities, and the obtained ore powder is sent to the dryer for drying to obtain concentrate.