Mobile crushing plant for sale

The mobile crushing and screening plant provides complete multi-stage crushing and screening at one time. The mobile crushing plant for sale is popular in metallurgy, chemical, construction, and hydro-power.

As a leading mobile crusher and screening plant manufacturer, we provide them in many capacities, sizes, and types. They come with many working modes, excellent efficiency, and high-end flexibility. The low energy consumption, large crushing capacity, lifespan enhancement, and compact design add more to their appeal. As one of the best mobile crushing plant manufacturers, we provide the best mobile crusher plant price with a warranty.

  • Feeding Size(mm):0-500
  • Opening Range(mm):0-200
  • Capacity(t/h):0~250

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Features that Make our Mobile Crushing Plant Unique


Our mobile crushing plant offers customizable options to meet specific customer requirements.

Flexible combination

It allows for flexible combinations of crushing equipment to suit different applications.

Easy to move

The plant is designed for easy transportation between job sites, enhancing mobility and efficiency.

Low cost and Eco-friendly

Our mobile crushing plant provides cost-effective solutions for crushing operations. Dust and noise reduction systems.

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The working principle of Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant work involves a combination of crushing equipment, such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, or cone crushers, along with a vibrating feeder, screens, and conveyor systems.

When the mobile crushing plant operates, the raw material is fed into the crusher through the vibrating feeder. The crusher breaks down the material into smaller pieces, which are then conveyed to the desired output size through the conveyor systems. This process can be adjusted to produce different sizes of crushed material as needed.

The vibrating screens are used to separate the crushed material into different sizes or grades. Oversized materials are returned to the crusher for further crushing, while the correctly sized materials are sent to their respective stockpiles or further processing stages.

The mobile crushing plant is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing it to move from one site to another as needed. This mobility enables efficient on-site crushing, reducing the need for material transportation and improving productivity.

Mobile Crushing Plant Application Industry

The mobile crushing plant finds applications in various industries due to its versatility and efficiency. Some of the prominent industries where mobile crushing plants are commonly used include:

1. Construction:

Mobile crushing plants are widely used in construction sites for on-site crushing of construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, and aggregates. They enable the recycling of construction waste and the production of recycled materials for use in new construction projects.

2. Mining:

In the mining industry, mobile crushing plants are used to extract and process various minerals and ores. They are employed for crushing and screening of materials such as coal, iron ore, gold ore, and copper ore, allowing for efficient extraction and processing of valuable resources.

3. Aggregate Production:

Mobile crushing plants are used to produce various sizes of aggregates used in the construction industry for applications such as road construction, building foundations, and concrete production.

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