Service Assurance

Our service commitment is not a slogan only. It is our firm action. For it, we have established an enormous, systematic, and standardized service assurance system. It ensures the timely and proper handling of each service item.

Technical support

We have 40+ engineers. We have accumulated more than 30 years of production experience, from equipment selection to capacity optimization to repair and maintenance. We have customized solutions for more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Service network

Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

Genuine accessories

Our service outlets all over the country can provide you with fast shipment. We can supply all parts and complete machines quickly from the main ports.

Customer training

50+ trainers: we send trainers to follow up on the project operation. To make sure about the product performance, operation specifications, maintenance, etc. Ensure the equipment is in good working condition and plays its work efficiently.

Terms of Quality Warranty

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and wear-resistant parts are not covered by the warranty. Direct expenses related to the warranty, such as freights, charges of spare parts, and expenses for the accommodation of warranty technicians shall be borne by the Buyer or by subtracting from the contract-specified payment for goods. Seller shall not afford the above-mentioned expenses and any indirect losses beyond the contract. However, the Seller must dispatch technicians for instructions when the Buyer is responsible for the expenses for the accommodation of technicians.

One-year quality warranty

For crushers, sand-making machines, mills, and mobile crushing plants, BD provides a one-year warranty which becomes valid after acceptance inspection of projects. To apply for a warranty, the users shall present the invoices and vouchers of warranty. The expenses for repairing the damages caused due to quality problems of the machines shall be borne by BD. For details, please refer to BD Installation Confirmation Voucher, and BD User Information Card.

Complaint handling system

Ensuring rapid and proper handling of complaints

We give response to production line operation complaints and supply solutions within 24 hours. We solve the problem within 3 days for domestic customers and 10 days for foreign customers.


Hours / Identifying problem


One-to-one service from senior project consultants.


Days / Solving problem