How To Crush Stones: A Full Guide


Crush stones are what you usually see when a building undergoes construction or at mining sites. Similarly, there should be a crusher machine that breaks the rocks into smaller ones. This blog gives you a complete guide on how stones get crushed. Let’s begin with the topic.

How to crush stones?


You would have seen the large rocks piled in a corner at the construction sites. It might run your curiosity, and you would think about how workers process the large stones. Well, they crush the large stones into smaller ones. It would raise another question, how does the process work?
Then let’s make things clear for you. They make use of a stone crusher machine. It is a huge machinery that breaks large concrete or mining rocks into smaller, usable ones. Also, the versatile uses of the crusher would amaze you.

The basic phenomenon of how to crush rocks

Every machine to crush stones comes with more or less similar parts. Usually, you could feed in the stones or rocks in two ways. For example, some machines have a top unit that allows you to feed in the stones from the top. Hence, it has a box that contains large stone pieces. One by one, the rocks fell into the crusher and broke into smaller ones. The other stone crusher machine has a belt attached on a similar side. So, the belt acted as a conveyer that transported the stones to the machine.
The following process to crush stones involves crushing part. You will find a hopper attached to the crusher. So, when you insert the raw stone into the crusher, it passes through the hopper. Then, the hopper eliminates the mud or sand from the rock. Afterward, the rock passed to the crushing part. Here, you can select the type of crusher you want. The large stones get crushed into medium-sized stones. If you require this specific size, then stop the crushing process here.
Otherwise, you would further send the partially crushed stones for further chopping. You can stop the crushing machine and separate the specific stone pieces according to your requirement.
The machines to crush stones have made life much simpler. The credit goes to the automated system installed in it. You can achieve the required consistency of stones within no time. Now, let’s get started with the types of crushers to understand how to crush rocks.

The types of stone crusher machine


It is the most traditional way to crush stones. You will find two jaws installed on the crusher. The process follows in that one of the jaws remains fixed to the crusher, whereas the other moves. The space between the two jaws is a crushing unit for the stones. Now, when you feed in the rocks, the jaws create mechanical pressure in the machine. Hence, it makes the large pieces get crushed fast. The stone you want to crush stays inside the crushing unit until it achieves a small size. As soon as the right size is achieved, it exists out of the chamber.
The best part of using this stone crushing machine is that it can crush stones of various types. You will get crushed stones no matter what stones you enter. Primarily, it is used by the mining industry. That’s because mining includes raw and giant stones. Hence, this crusher is the best.

  • Cone crushers

cone crushers

If your requirement includes grain-sized crush stones, then use the cone crusher. This crusher’s essential parts include fixed and oscillating parts. So to cut it short, it crushes the stone between the oscillating and foxed parts. Moreover, the crushing stone machine has a hydraulic system installed on it. What is the purpose of installing it?
Well, the system makes the crusher work automatically. Hence, you can easily variate the speed, type of material inserted, and final product type.

  • Impact crushers

impact crushers

Using an impact crusher is to crush stones into smaller ones. The crusher comes with a stone-feeding chamber. When you insert the large stones, it boosts the speed at which you insert them. Then, it suspends the crushing stone very hard. Also, it includes hammers that further help in crushing the stones. The stones might collide abruptly with the walls of the crusher. Hence resulting stone is small-sized.

  • Hammer crushers

hammer crushers

The hammer crusher will help to crush stones. It includes rotary motion. For instance, when the crusher is operational, its motor causes the rotor to sprint. So, when you feed in the stones, the hammerhead rotates at a high velocity to crush the stone.
The stones that turned smaller pass down the filter. However, the large stones remain in the crusher. To crush stones further, these undergo the same action until they are ground.

  • Roll crushers

As the name suggests, the roll crusher comes with rollers. Generally, two sets of rollers are attached to the parallel sides. What you have to do is that place the giant stones in between the rollers. The crusher follows the rotating motion. The tapered rollers would crush the larger ones into smaller stones.
The roll stone crushing machine works the best to produce the finest pieces of rock. Secondly, it prevents the accumulation of dust in the process.

The procedure to crush stones

how to crush rocks

The crushing stone procedure breaks into three main stages. Let’s read about them.

  • Primary stage

So the actual crushing process starts at the primary stage. You have to feed the large-sized raw rocks into the crusher. Then, the crusher would cut the size of stones to crush stones. A conveyer belt then carries these stones and takes them to the second type of crusher.
In many crushing industries, the jaw crusher is the first crusher installed to crush stones. Remember that the stones that pass over are still solid and need to be more smoothly fine.

  • Secondary stage

The stones that reach this stage are in medium sizes. Similarly, at this stage, you will see a cone crusher would crush stones here. The crusher works by adjusting its crushing speed, the amount of feed it takes in, etc. You will find the stones at this stage smaller than those in the primary stage.

  • Tertiary stage

Crush stones are the final product you get at this stage. Also, the experts give crushed and fine stones quality tests. Hence, the final product should meet the client’s requirements.

How to select stone crushing equipment?

As you know, the investment for a crush stones machine requires a high budget, so make a list of features you want. Rock crushing machine has various types, but select according to your requirement. The factors here will guide you.

  • The budget

The primary factor in deciding whether to buy a crusher depends on your budget. Once you have figured out an estimated budget, look for the rock crushing equipment in the market. Mind map the purpose of the machine. For example, if you require a giant crushing machine, invest bigger. In comparison, for a small-scale crushing of stones, invest in a smaller investment.

  • Feeding chamber

A feeding chamber to crush stones is where you insert large stones. If your requirement includes the crushing process happening on a large scale, then consider comprehensive feeding chamber equipment. The bigger the chamber is, the more stones you can feed into it in a single batch. Hence, it results in significant productivity.

  • Input type

Some rocks are wet, and some are dry. The crushers are usually designed for wet, dry, or both inputs. If you are unpredictable about what rocks you will use, purchase the one with wet and dry input.

  • Type of material

The types of rocks vary in terms of their specification. Every type of rock has a different structure, strength, and even size. Therefore, you can use the same crusher to crush stones for all types of stones. Some material of rocks requires excellent effort because of their strength. However, for the other, the crusher has to put in a little effort to crush stones.

  • Portability

The portability feature is excellent if the site location is for crushing changes. A portable crusher is easier to carry, making the crushing easier. So, whenever the site of crushing the rocks changes, you can take the portable crusher there. However, it is only sometimes valid that you require a portable one. Sometimes, you must consider a standby or fixed crusher to crush stones.
The standby crusher has excellent capacity, allowing it to feed in many stones. It will undergo very little maintenance after every use.

  • The operation of crushing

Sometimes you cannot bear a delay in the crush stones. Therefore, you should purchase the crushers that feed in the input continuously. Such crushers generally come with a conveyer belt that brings the raw stones directly to the crushing chamber. To crush the rocks in a batch, look for other types of crushers.

  • The mechanism involved

A typical crusher will not produce efficient results if you have to crush rigid and stubborn. Hence, you require a hard machine with excellent strength to crush the stone.


A crusher always works best to crush stones. It is a well-performing equipment that would crush any stone you feed in its chamber. Hence, the crushers always provide you with the finest particle of rock you want in the crushed form. So, according to your requirements, you can invest in this equipment.