Top 15 Crusher Machinery Manufacturers


We are living in an age of construction and development. Societies, countries, and everything around us are developing. And do you know what? Construction plays a critical role in the development of any society. We all know that crusher machinery manufacturers play a crucial role. There can be a challenge to this industry without them.
But there are so many options available today. Who are the best crusher machinery manufacturers? How to choose the best stone crusher manufacturers? What are the advantages of selecting the best one for you? We will learn all about it in this. The current blog will take you on a journey to understand. Let us know about the top fifteen crusher machinery manufacturers in detail.

Top Fifteen Crusher Machinery Manufacturers

We will be talking in some detail about the top crusher machinery manufacturers here. So, let us begin:

crusher machinery manufacturers

When talking about the top crusher machinery manufacturers, BANGDE is always there. BANGDE has been delivering the best products to people globally. The origin of the company in China. The company offers a one-stop solution in mining, grinding, and cement. Not this; it has solutions in the refractory and ceramic industries too. Contact them if you want to get the best products today. Not in China but all around the globe, the company has a lot of happy customers.

  • FLSmidth

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FLSmidth & Co. A/S is a company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are more than 12000 employees who are part of the company. It can be your choice if you are searching for the best rock crusher manufacturers. The promising quality of the equipment that you get here is something that is their plus point. You can also read the testimonials and get to know more about them.

  • Shanghai Shibang Machinery

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Shanghai Shibang Machinery is among the top Chinese crusher machine manufacturers. The company delivers equipment that is in use for construction and mining. There are many manufacturers today. But the level of trust clients have in Shanghai Shibang Machinery is different.

  • Astec Industries

Astec Industries specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of equipment. It also manufactures mining, construction, energy, and recycling machinery. The company came into existence in 1972 and is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Astec Industries has a diverse product portfolio. It includes equipment such as asphalt plants and concrete plants. The company operates through many subsidiaries. Some of its notable subsidiaries include Astec, Inc., Peterson Pacific Corp., and KPI-JCI.

  • Superior Industries

Superior Industries holds a high place among top crusher machinery manufacturers. The company has its headquarters in Morris, Minnesota. They perform manufacturing and selling in bulk globally. Their good reviews stand them apart from the rest of the crowd. You can select a variety of products from their inventory.

  • Komatsu

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Komatsu is one of the top crusher machinery manufacturers in Japan. It is a big company that delivers products for many industries. You will find clients from all around the globe getting their equipment.

  • Keestract

The company came into existence in the year 1996. The first industry standard design was by the founder Mr. Kees. The company operates in Belgium. It is a leading manufacturer and delivers top-quality equipment.

  • Citic Heavy Industries

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The earlier name of CITIC Heavy Industry was Luoyang Mining Machinery Factory. It is a high-tech development industry with more than 60 years of legacy. It delivers the best-in-class equipment globally. With a wide range of industries, it is ruling over each industry.

  • Lippmann-Milwaukee

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There is hardly any equipment in crusher machinery manufacturers you will not find. Lippmann-Milwaukee has a wide range of equipment for you to select from. The American company is proud to have a great review online.

  • Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has its origins in Finland. It is one of the top crusher machinery manufacturers globally. They deliver top-quality products to clients all across. Jaw crushers are one of their best products. It can also be the best choice if you are seeking cone crusher manufacturers.

  • Sandvik

How can we forget Sandvik when discussing the best crusher machinery manufacturers? The company delivers top solutions in the field of mining and construction. There is a variety of crushing solutions that you can get from the company. The quality of products you get on this platform is of top quality.

  • ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp is a German company that delivers industrial products globally. It is among the leading crusher machinery manufacturers. There is a wide range of equipment which they manufacture. It includes jaw crusher manufacturers, cone crushers, and impact crushers.

  • Terex

When we are talking about the crusher manufacturers in USA, Terex is always there in the list. The company has a specialization in material handling and lifting equipment. The two business that it handles is material handling and aerial platforms. You can get products from the company for a variety of commercial applications. Also, the company has a massive success in ensuring that there are happy clients all across the globe.

  • XCMG

XCMG is integral to the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. The company has a long history and an excellent track record in the industry. It is among the top rock-crushing equipment manufacturers in China. The company has offices in other parts of the world too. Several products in the company’s arsenal impress clients globally.

  • BHS-Sonthofen

BHS-Sonthofen is a German company that specializes in the production of crushing equipment. It is for the recycling and environmental industries. Their product portfolio includes impact crushers, jaw crushers, and cone crushers.

How To Select The Best Crusher Machinery Manufacturers?

If you have this question, we have a perfect answer for you. One should keep these points in consideration. So, let us begin.

  • The primary point for you to consider is to perform deep research. Ensure you check the internet well and find the best possible candidate. Many crusher machinery manufacturers are present today. But, with proper research, you can find the best for you. You can take a look at the pricing. Not this, you can also analyze the merits and demerits. Hence, do research well.
  • The next step is to take references. Getting a reference helps you in many ways. It can be helpful for you as you will avoid any mistakes. Getting references from people will save you time researching and help you long-term.
  • Also, keep a check on the plus points of each manufacturer. Each manufacturer has a strong point or more. Hence, you should consider that first. Make sure you look at the strengths and then make your decisions. It will help you see which is perfect for your workplace, and then you can make your deal.

What Are The Merits Of Finding The Best Crusher Machinery Manufacturers?

  • Superior Quality Equipment

Leading manufacturers use advanced technology. They also have high-quality materials to produce efficient, durable crushers.

  • Extensive Customization Options

You can tailor your crusher to your exact specifications. You can do it by selecting from various sizes, types, and capacity options. Top manufacturers offer it.

  • Consistent Performance

Equipment made by reputable manufacturers has a design to perform. It reduces the likelihood of downtime and lowers maintenance expenses.

  • Technical Support

The best manufacturers provide exceptional technical support. It includes troubleshooting help, spare parts availability, and maintenance advice. It ensures that you have help when you need it.

  • Warranty and After-Sales Support

Reputable manufacturers back their products with warranties. It can give customers peace of mind. They also provide after-sales support to address any concerns during equipment operation.
Choosing a leading crusher machinery manufacturer will help optimize your equipment’s performance. It will also increase lifespan while minimizing maintenance costs and downtime.


In conclusion, crusher machinery manufacturers play a critical role in production. It is also crucial in the supply of equipment. All are in use in the crushing and processing of various materials. These manufacturers use advanced technology and expertise to produce high-quality crushers. The equipment is efficient, durable, and meets the needs of its customers. With the increasing demand for crushers in various industries, crusher machinery manufacturers innovate. They improve their products to meet the evolving needs of the market.

These are the top companies you can choose when seeking rock crushing equipment. You can select crushing machinery based on this choice. The list you get here will help you make the right choice. Selecting the right rock crushing equipment plays an essential role in your business. So, why will you not make this decision with consideration? So, why are you waiting? Get your stone crusher machine from this list. Choosing a stone crusher machine from here will change the complete dynamics. It will also give you the best equipment. Get one today!