Impact Crusher VS Hammer Crusher: Key Differences


Impact crushers and hammer crushers are our common medium and fine crushing equipment. When choosing and buying, many users ask: what is the difference between impact crushers and hammer crushers, and which is more suitable? If you also do not know the difference between the two, then follow this blog. It will take you to understand in detail.
Here we will take the PF Impact Crusher and PC Hammer Crusher of SHANDONG BANGDE MACHINERY CO, LTD. as an example to tell you in detail.

PF Impact Crusher

PF impact crusher

PF impact crusher is mainly used in building materials, ore crushing, railroad, chemical, and other industries. It can be used in various configurations according to the type of raw materials processed, the scale, and the different requirements of the finished materials. It is commonly used to crush limestone, concrete, and other materials with relatively low hardness. The impact crusher can process materials with side lengths up to 500 mm, with compressive strength up to 350 MPa. It has the advantages of a large crushing ratio and cubic particle size after crushing. The discharge size can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.

PC Hammer Crusher

PFC impact crusher

PC hammer crusher can produce 100~3000 tons per hour. It has a large crushing ratio, less over-powder phenomenon, uniform product size, and it can be formed in one break. Together with the vibrating screen, it is a production line. Therefore, it is the preferred equipment for the stone-crushing industry, especially for sand and gravel aggregate production lines.
Heavy hammer crusher can crush limestone, brick, coal, and other medium hardness and brittle materials with a compressive strength of 200MPa. It is suitable for use in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, building materials, the chemical industry, and hydropower. This crusher has low energy consumption and a reasonable price. It adopts a hammer disc edge guard structure, improving service life 4-6 times, and is popular among users.

Impact Crusher VS Hammer Crusher: Key Differences

  • Applications

Impact crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing materials with compressive strength not more than 350 MPa, which is commonly known as the secondary and tertiary crushing, among others, and it is widely used in the fields of highway construction, water conservancy projects and construction materials, which is the ideal equipment for aggregate processing. Applicable stone materials are limestone, limestone, coal gangue, etc.
Hammer stone crusher is mainly used in cement, chemical, metallurgy, coal, and other industries, suitable for medium hardness and brittle materials. Applicable stone materials are limestone, coal gangue, coal, dolomite, etc.

  • Crushing principle

Both impact crushers and hammer crushers use the impact crushing method, where the material is crushed by the grinding and impact of the worn parts.
The difference is that the impact crusher uses the inertia of the rotor assembly to impact the material against the potential to crush, which can be divided into three ways: free crushing, impact crushing, and chipping crushing. The hammer crusher uses the hammer head to strike the material for homeopathic crushing, which can be divided into two ways: free crushing and impact crushing.

  • Internal Structure

The impact crusher is composed of the cavity, rotor assembly, impact plate block, and other parts. The material enters the crushing cavity, the rotor keeps running, and the material first hits the impact plate. Then it is counterattacked to the impact liner at high speed and repeatedly moves for crushing.
The hammer crusher is composed of the box, rotor, hammerhead, liner plate, leakage plate, and other parts. The material is crushed by the high-speed rotating hammerhead, and the rebound hits the side guard plate, and the qualified material is discharged through the leakage plate, while the unqualified material continues to stay in the crushing chamber for crushing.

  • Wear Resistant Parts

The worn parts of the impact crusher mainly include the hammer, impact plate, impact liner, etc. The wear parts of the impact crusher are relatively small in the loss. Hammer crusher wear parts are mainly hammerhead and side guard plate, etc. The hammer head is the fastest wear of the hammer crusher, and the replacement frequency is higher.

  • Crushing Effect

The granularity of the impact crusher is good, and the aggregate is cubic, which can meet the requirements of high-quality concrete. The impact crusher also has a certain shaping effect when crushing. The hammer crusher is more flaky and has a higher powder content.


By comparing the application, crushing principle, internal structure, wear-resistant parts, and crushing effect of impact crusher and hammer crusher, it can be seen that there are advantages and disadvantages of both machines. The specific choice depends on the specific needs of the customer and the actual situation to determine.