How Does A Jaw Crusher Work?


Crushing stones could be hard; however, a jaw crusher has made this job easier. How does a jaw crusher work? This should be your next query. It comes under heavy machinery, mostly used in construction sites or mining. Therefore, in this blog, you will learn the jaw crusher working principle.

What is a jaw crusher?

It is a machine that has made the primary crushing job much easier. Using this machinery, you can crush hard and rigid stones. Therefore, it has shifted the manual operation for crushing to an automated system.
Do you know why jaw crushers are also called primary crushers? It is because it can crush the large material into minor pieces. Also, its versatile uses would amaze you and make you think of this machine’s usefulness.

There are two main types of jaw crusher machines, JC and PE jaw crusher.

Features of a jaw crusher

Below is the list of features that reflect the properties of a crusher.

  • Jaw crusher dimensions

The size of primary crushers depends on their crushing chamber opening dimension. Therefore, the larger the size of the chamber, the larger it will be. The crusher comes with a wide range of prices. Similarly, the prices vary from most extensive to cheap.

  • Capacity

Capacity is the maximum quantity of stone you can insert into the crusher. Hence it should promise to deliver the same output as it aims to. The jaw crusher dimensions also reflect its capacity.

  • Type of material

Every material is different, so you require different crushers for it.

  • Power of crusher

A jaw stone crusher comes with a specific power rating. So, choose one according to the required power rating.

  • Maintenance requirement

Go for a crusher jaw crusher machine that requires a little maintenance after usage for a certain period. Also, look forward to the brand whose spare parts are readily available in the market.

How does a jaw crusher work?

The jaw crusher would always make you read about it, as it works with compressive and crushing movements. The same is the case for a jaw crusher. The jaw crusher working depends on compressive force to break down the larger and heavy stones into smaller ones.
Further, let’s now see what the main parts of this crusher are.
The integral part of a jaw crusher machine is the two jaws. Once the crushing begins, one jaw remains stationary at its principle position. On the other hand, the other jaw moves while crushing. You can take the example of stone crushing. You have to place the heavy stones at the mouth of the crusher. Then the stone travels towards the bottom of the crusher, called its outlet.

Jaw Crusher Diagram:

aw crusher diagram
how does a jaw crusher work

When the stone moves, it gets crushed in the v- shape-crushing chamber. A v-shaped chamber is named this due to the two actions of both jaws. The moving jaw exerts a force on the stationary jaw to break the heavy stones. The pendulum-like movement of the two jaws makes the crushing job easier.
When the stone comes downwards toward the crusher outlet, it finds a narrow pathway. Hence its size automatically reduces when it passes down. Also, it ensures that the large stone only moves ahead once and if it gets crushed. After primary crushing, the stones or rocks can undergo further crushing for finer quality.
Both jaws produce mechanical pressure on the stones, whereas the entire machinery uses compression force to crush. How does a jaw crusher work? It is thoroughly explained now to you.

The advantages of a jaw crusher machine

We just answered the question about how jaw crusher works. Now on to the next one. By learning this machine’s benefits, you can better grip the crushers.

  • Versatile application

The machine does it for you, no matter how hard, abrasive, or non-abrasive material you want to crush. Hence, you can insert any type and size of rock in the crusher.

  • High durability

Durability is the feature that the crusher comes along with. Similarly, the jaw crusher design helps it bear the pressure and weight of heavy stones you insert.

  • Promising capacity

The key quality of jaw crusher working is to crush the large and heavier stones. A large capacity allows it to happen.

  • Easy operation

The crusher is easier for the users to operate it. Hence, the simple and quick operation enables the user to crush the stones quickly.

  • Output results

The output results of this jaw stone crusher would surprise you. That’s because the manufacturers design the crusher for crushing the stones in uniform quality. It ensures that every batch of stones you crush is the same quality.

  • Maintenance cost

A crusher experiences lower maintenance as compared to other heavy machinery. Hence it saves the overall maintenance cost you spend on it. To smooth the jaw crusher working, you should do its frequent maintenance.

What are the applications of the crusher machine?

jaw crusher uses

The applications of a jaw crusher help you understand the query of how a jaw crusher work. Let’s now go through the jaw crusher uses.
You can use it widely. You might have seen the construction sites where the crushers do a great job of crushing various stones. However, the use of this jaw crusher machine is wider than just construction sites. There are many industries around which make use of this machine frequently.

  • The mining industry

The miners use a crusher to crush the large stones into smaller sizes in the mining job.

  • Construction industries

The jaw crusher uses are expanded to the construction industry. Many industries require everyday crushing of their raw materials into smaller sizes. They use crushers to convert large stones or other materials into fine materials.

  • Waste material from construction sites

Waste material accumulation is commonly seen at the construction site. The reason is the heavy construction done. Therefore, to get rid of a larger quantity of waste, people use crushers. A jaw crusher machine would break large pieces of waste into smaller ones. Hence, the small material is easy to manage for them. They can further send it to the recycling center.

  • Processing plants

Processing plants like mineral processing ones use it to crush the materials.


How does a jaw crusher work? It is a query answered in this blog. A jaw crusher comes with a variety of useful applications. Further, industries always take advantage of such machinery to simplify their processes.