2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher For Sand Making

Max Feeding Size(mm):39~119

Discharge Range Opening(mm):0~15


Applied Materials:granite, marble, basalt, limestone, river pebble, barite, pyrrhotite, limonite, ilmenite, kaolin


Product Introduction Of 2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher

This 2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher is a secondary or tertiary fine crushing equipment. The design concept of the 2PGS series integrates equipment, electricity, and liquid. The application is the medium and fine crushing of rocks and minerals. It specializes in rocks and minerals under 5-12mm. For example, iron ore, quartz stone, ceramic raw materials, etc. The compressive strength of the applied material needs less than 300Mpa. The moisture content of applied materials has less than 35%.
This machine has a simple structure, small volume, large crushing ratio, uniform particle size of the crushed material, and low over-crushing rate. At the same time, it has accessible maintenance features, low noise, sensitive overload protection, safe and reliability, etc. It suits cement, ceramics, coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, etc. It is also suitable for crushing raw coal in large coal mines or coal processing plants.

Advantages of 2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher

It has a simple and reasonable structure, low running costs, and smooth operation. And it is energy efficient, has high crushing efficiency, and has adjustable discharge size.

1. Reduce energy consumption and increase output

Equipped with roll crusher, the capacity of grinding equipment can be fully utilized. Generally, the output can be increased by 30%-40%, and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%.

2. Save investment

This machine has a compact structure, lightweight, and small in size. The roller crusher can save investment significantly for the grinding system with the same production capacity requirement.

3. Less dust, low noise, improved working environment

The internal dustproof plate is equipped with good sealing performance. It can effectively avoid the splashing of fine materials after crushing. Less dust, low working noise, and improved working environment.

4. Small maintenance and low cost

The structure is simple, occupies little space, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient.
And the roller crusher is equipped with a replaceable wear-resistant lining plate on the grinding roller. The wear-resistant lining plate adopts the domestic advanced wear-resistant material, which has the advantages of long service life, not easy damage, and convenient maintenance. The continuous service life can reach more than one year, and when the wear is serious, it can be replaced by removing the cover. The maintenance volume is small, and the cost is low, incomparable to any other crusher in China.

5. Equipped with a safety protection device

When an accidental metal piece enters the crushing cavity, the safety protection device is adopted, and the iron piece leaks out of the machine for normal operation.

6. Adjustable size of discharge material

The roll gap of the roller crusher is adjustable from 1mm to 20mm. After adjusting the roll gap according to the requirement of crushing size, the crushing size can be reliably controlled. All the material can be discharged from the bottom of the crushing chamber with the desired particle size.

What is the working principle of Roller Crusher ?

The roll crusher works on the principle of low-speed and high-pressure roll extrusion. The material falls vertically into the crushing chamber from the upper part of the crusher. Under the strong pressure between the two rolls, most of the material has become powder. The remaining small part of the granular material has many cracks inside. In the process of further crushing, the energy consumption of grinding can be greatly reduced, and the output can be increased.

Prices of 2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher

The prices are different depend on different crusher models. As one of the leading roll crusher manufacturers in China, we will provide maximum preferential price and discount for you. Welcome to visit our company and factory.

Process flow of stone and artificial sand production line

Technical Data Of 2PGS Hydraulic Double Roller Crusher

Type Feeding size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Roll diameter(mm) Power(kw)
2PGS800Y <40mm 0-15 20-40 ф800 2*22
2PGS1000Y <60mm 0-15 30-60 ф1000 2*45
2PGS1200Y <80mm 0-15 40-80 ф1200 2*55
2PGS1500Y <90mm 0-15 50-100 ф1500 70-2
2PGS1800Y <100mm 0-15 80-120 ф1800 90-2
2PGS2000Y <120mm 0-15 90-180 ф2000 132-2

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