Spring Cone Crusher

Max Feeding Size(mm):13~460

Discharge Range Opening(mm):3~64


Applied Materials:granite, marble, basalt, limestone, river pebble, dolomite, pyrrhotite, limonite, ilmenite, magnetite


Advantages Of Spring Cone Crusher

The Spring cone crusher has a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform product size. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing various ores and rocks. For example, iron ore, copper ore, limestone, granite, basalt, etc.

1. Large crushing ratio, high production efficiency

2. Low consumption wearing parts, low operating costs, and least maintenance costs. Service life increases by more than 30%

3. Hydraulic protection, hydraulic cavity cleaning, reduce downtime

4. Reliable and advanced low-concentration oil lubrication

5. Variety of crushing cavity types, flexible application

6. Simple maintenance, easy to handle

7. Higher production capacity, better product shape, valuable to the customer

Application areas: mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railroad, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc.

Prices Of Spring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher prices are different depend on different crusher models. As the leading mining crusher manufacturer with almost 30 year history in China, we will provide maximum preferential price and discount for you. Welcome to visit our company and factory.

What is the working principle of Spring Cone Crusher?

The structure of cone crusher mainly consists of frame, horizontal shaft, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), lower crushing wall (moving cone), lubrication system, hydraulic system, control system and other parts.

When the Spring cone crusher is in operation, the electric motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the transmission device. The moving cone is forced to swing by the eccentric sleeve, and the section of the moving cone near the static cone becomes the crushing chamber. The material to be crushed enters through the inlet and is squeezed and impacted by the moving cone and the static cone several times to form the material with the required size. When the moving cone leaves this section, the formed material falls under its gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone.

Technical advantages of Spring cone crusher

1. The moving cone rotates continuously, and the crushing and discharging processes of the material are carried out along the working surface alternately. The productivity is high.

2. The material is sandwiched between the two cones and is squeezed, bent, and sheared. Crushing is easier, and the power consumption is lower.

3. The product material degree is more uniform, cubic shape. The wear of the working surface of the moving cone is also more uniform.

4. Both the moving cone and the fixed cone are orthotropic. When the moving cone is swinging, there is a parallel zone with an equal gap between the moving cone and the fixed cone near the discharge of the crushing chamber. This makes the finished material degree uniform. The size of the feed opening is not large, and all the materials that can be handled have been crushed for the first time.

Spring Cone Crusher Parts

Cone Crusher Parts Group

Cone Crusher Bushing Sleeve

Cone Crusher Mantle Bowl

Cone Crusher Mantle Bowl

Drive Shaft Bracket

Drive Shaft Bracket

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Technical Data Of Spring Cone Crusher

PYS-B standard typeSpecifcationMaximum diameter in cavity(mm)CavityThe mine mouth size (mm)Discharge range opening(mm)CapacityPower(kw)Weight(t)
close sideopen side
PYS-B09103Ft914fine type831029-2240-1007514.64
PYS-B0917rough type15917513-3855-180
PYS-B0918super rough type16317825-38105-180
PYS-B13134-1Ft1295fine type10913718-31100-20015525.86
PYS-B1321middle type18821016-38118-280
PYS-B1324rough type21624119-51155-384
PYS-B1325super rough type23825925-51212-390
PYS-B16205-1/2Ft1676fine type18820916-38162-36024050.8
PYS-B1624middle type21324122-51232-698
PYS-B1626rough type24126925-64270-698
PYS-B1636super rough type33136838-64388-745
PYS-B21277FtHD2134fine type25327819-38344-79838089.5
PYS-B2133middle type30333425-51550-1098
PYS-B2136rough type33436931-64710-1398
PYS-B2146super rough type42546038-64800-1498


PYS-D short head typeSpecifcationMaximum diameter in cavity(mm)CavityThe mine mouth size (mm)Discharge range opening(mm)CapacityPower(kw)Weight(t)
close sideopen side
PYS-D09043Ft914fine type13413-1324-1007514.64
PYS-D0906rough type33613-1624-110
PYS-D0907super rough type51766-1954-140
PYS-D13064-1Ft1295fine type29643-1632-18015525.86
PYS-D1308middle type54896-1674-180
PYS-D1310rough type701058-2598-250
PYS-D1313super rough type9813316-25188-260
PYS-D16075-1/2Ft1676fine type35705-1382-23024050.8
PYS-D1608middle type54896-19120-310
PYS-D1613rough type9813310-25170-370
PYS-D1614super rough type11713313-25228-370
PYS-D21107FtHD2134fine type511055-16172-45038089.5
PYS-D2113middle type9513210-19318-560
PYS-D2117rough type12717813-25408-658
PYS-D2120super rough type15220316-25530-718


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