GZD Vibrating Feeder

Max Feeding Size(mm):500~800



Product Introduction Of GZD Vibrating Feeder

GZD Vibrating Feeder is easy to assemble and install. It vibrates stable and has a long life.

It transports materials to the crusher machine constantly and evenly and screens the materials. It is popular in mineral processing, building materials, silicate, and the chemical industry.

What is the working principle of GZD Vibrating Feeder?

The vibrating feeder can feed lumpy and granular materials from the silo to the receiving device evenly and continuously. It can continuously and evenly feed the crusher in the sand and gravel production line and avoid the blockage of the crusher receiving port. It is designed for evenly conveying large pieces of material before crushing and screening coarse materials. The vibrating feeder adopts the structural feature of a double eccentric shaft exciter. This ensures the equipment can withstand the impact of large pieces of material falling and feeding capacity is large. The production process can be lumpy, granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device evenly, regularly, and continuously, thus preventing the receiving device from dying due to uneven feeding. It prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Prices of GZD Vibrating Feeder

GZD Vibrating Feeders prices are different depend on different crusher models. As the leading mining crusher manufacturer with almost 30 year history in China, we will provide maximum preferential price and discount for you. Welcome to visit our company and factory.

Technical Data Of GZD Vibrating Feeder

Type&SpecificationMax. feeding size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Installation inclination(°)size of trough(mm)Dimesion(L*W*H)(mm)


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