PCZ Hammer Crusher

Max Feeding Size(mm):150~1200


Applied Materials:Limestone, bluestone and other low hardness materials that compressive strength is 150 mpa and calcium content is higher than 40%.


Product Introduction of PCZ Hammer Crusher

The PCZ hammer crusher has a capacity of 100-3000 tons per hour. This machine has a large crushing ratio, low over-powder phenomenon, uniform product size, and can be shaped as soon as it is broken. It has the advantage that together with the vibrating screen it is a production line. It is the first choice for the stone-crushing industry, especially for sand and gravel aggregate production lines.
Heavy hammer crusher can crush limestone, salt, gypsum, masonry, and other medium hardness and brittle materials with compressive strength not more than 200MPa. It is suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemical, and hydropower industries.
Not only that, but it can also be used to crush broken wood and paper with a strong fiber structure, elasticity, and toughness. This machine can also crush the waste of asbestos cement, recover asbestos fiber, etc. It can also replace the cone crusher in the mineral processing line.
This crusher has low energy consumption, reasonable prices, and adopts a hammer disc guard structure to improve the service life by 4-6 times, which is very popular among users.

Advantages of PCZ Hammer Crusher

1. It has a high output and can be shaped as soon as it is broken.

The capacity of the hammer crusher is up to 3000 tons/hour, the feed size is up to 1200mm, and more than 95% of the discharge size is less than 25mm after one crushing. So the hammer crusher makes it possible to complete the traditional two or three-crushing operations in cement plants and other crushing projects in one go.

2. Low energy consumption

Since it can be formed at one time, it can save more than 40% of electricity compared with other one-stage crushers or traditional two-stage or three-stage crushing equipment.

3. Long life of hammer head

Customers can choose alloy steel forged hammer heads or high manganese steel cast hammer heads according to the natural characteristics of crushing materials. High wear-resisting hammers reduce the consumption of wearing parts, save costs

4. Simple and convenient to use and maintain

Prices of PCZ Hammer Crusher

PCZ Hammer Crusher prices are different depend on different crusher models. As the leading mining crusher manufacturer with almost 30 year history in China, we will provide maximum preferential price and discount for you. Welcome to visit our company and factory.

What is the working principle of PCZ Hammer Crusher?

The hammer crusher motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber, and the material is fed into the machine from the upper feeding port. The material is crushed by the striking, impacting, shearing, and grinding action of the high-speed moving hammers. The lower part of the rotor is equipped with a sieve plate. The material that is smaller than the size of the screen hole is discharged through the screen plate, and the coarse particles that are larger than the size of the screen hole are stopped on the screen plate and continue to be struck and ground by the hammers, and finally discharged from the machine through the screen plate.

Technical Advantages of PCZ Hammer Crusher

1.High production capacity and uniform particle size

2.Simple structure and low energy consumption

3.Multi-function and wide application

4.Adjustable output size

PCZ Hammer Crusher Parts

Alloy Hammer

Hammer Crusher Side Guards

Hammer Crusher Side Guards

Hammer Crusher Side Guards

Hammer Crusher Side Guards

Process flow of stone and artificial sand production line

Technical Data Of PCZ Hammer Crusher

TypeRotor diameter*L(mm)Feed Opening(w*L)(mm)Feeding size(mm)Power(kw)Pacacity(t/h)Dimesion(L*W*H)(mm)


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